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Authoritative forums interpret policy orientation from multiple perspectives and discuss forward-looking trends in an all-round way of additive manufacturing industry

一、Forum themes
Ⅰ Global trends of additive manufacturing technologies
Ⅱ Development strategies and path for China's additive manufacturing technologies
Ⅲ Development trends of additive manufactruing enterprises and innovation in commercial models
Ⅳ Current application and future trends of the additive manufacturing industry

二、China Additive Manufacturing Summit
It will gather senior officials at the State level, authoritative experts and industrial elites to jointly discuss policy orientation and future trends, explore the path for forward-looking technologies and application prospects, discover the core problems and bottlenecks facing by the industry and seek for solutions.
Ⅰ Face-to-face dialogues with State policy makers
Ⅱ Exchanging ideas with authoritative experts
Ⅲ Sharing experience with industrial leaders
Ⅳ Direct communication with upstream and downstream masters
Ⅴ Precise exchanges with senior executives in the field of industrial application

三、Special forums
Ⅰ The innovative application of additive manufacturing in the aerospace field
Ⅱ The innovative application of additive manufacturing in the mould industry
Ⅲ The innovative application of additive manufacturing in the casting industry
Ⅳ Biological additive manufacturing and innovative medical services
Ⅴ Additive manufacturing service platforms and innovative application
Ⅵ Construction and development of the standard system for additive manufacturing